Services & Plans

Finding the right tools and processes to help your business function at an optimal level can often be one of the hardest and most time-consuming things there is. But don't worry - that's where I come in. I help businesses and organizations of all sizes determine the best operational solutions for them and put them into place. If can’t deliver it, I won’t promise it; my track record of delivering projects on time and on budget has not and will not be broken. 

Operational Process Development

Maintaining document libraries, managing vendors and purchase orders, and general back office operations aren't exactly the most glamorous things to do but they are the heartbeat of an operation. I can help you and your team develop a systemic way of managing the chaos and bring order to your operational processes. 

Project Management

At the core of any business is project management. Managing projects big or small can be critical to the effectiveness of your organization's operations. Why should you worry if things are getting done if you have a qualified and experienced project manager in place?

Strategic Plan Development

Curriculum and E-learning

Every organization needs a strategic plan. Not only does it inform the current way you work, but it helps you plan for the years to come. I can help your leadership team develop a strategic plan to address and explore how your company will look at growth and expansion for the years to come.

E-learning is the future, so why not be ahead of the game? As a former online college instructor, I have more than six experience creating curriculums and e-learning modules. I can work with cross functional teams to outline courses that suit your training needs. 

Report Writing

Business reports, status reports, forecasting documents and project updates capture and paint the current state of affairs for any business or entity. Having an experienced business writer on your side can ensure that your products are succinct and readily available. 

Contract and Budget Management

Your business can't run without contracts and funds. But who's helping you management your current financial state and chasing invoices? I have extensive experience managing company finances and budgets using software like Xero, QuickBooks and Stripe.



I offer flexible, affordable plans to meet your needs. Interested in a flat-rate for a special project? Just ask! 

The Starter Plan

For those that need a little support so that nothing falls through the cracks.

10 hours per month

The Starter Plan

For those who need more than just scheduling and email support.

15 hours per month

The Starter Plan

For the busiest executives who need more than just admin support.

25 hours per month


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